Episode 2: “Zest”

Marilyn @school

“What hunger is in relation to food, zest is in relation to life.”
– Bertrand Russell (British Philosopher)

In this episode we explore Marty Ahad and Marilyn Rushton, both energetic and full of zest. Marty and Marilyn are prime examples of how joyfulness, energy and zest for life attribute to a kind of infectious happiness. Spend time in a room with one of them and your energy level rises. No need for coffee!

Marilyn says she is ecstatic because she is happily married. She introduces us to her husband and her guide dog with vibrancy. Despite being born without sight, Marilyn is very in tune to all her senses and has an upbeat, energetic and musical lifestyle. We follow Marilyn to school where she works as a vision teacher for elementary school children with vision loss and disabilities. Marty smiling MS How does she live so fearlessly?

Marty, a retired engineer, shares with us all the things that make him zestful, especially volunteering for various charities. He shares his perspective on life as he journeys to the grave of his wife who just several years ago passed away. How has he dealt with this traumatic loss?