Episode 4: “Connection to Others”

June headshot2
“If you want happiness for an hour – take a nap. 
If you want happiness for a day – go fishing. 
If you want happiness for a year – inherit a fortune. If you want happiness for a lifetime – help someone else.” – Chinese Proverb

In this episode, we see how June B. Wilde and Tom Cooper get joy and fulfillment most by their interaction and connection to helping others. Feeling like small but integral pieces of a never-ending puzzle, other people’s happiness directly uplifts June and Tom. Helping someone move from pain into self-acceptance or stability nourishes their souls.

June, an actress and acting coach, shares her spiritual philosophy to happiness. From her body to her craft, her husband to her students, June connects. How has June managed to stay active and self-confident despite constant rejections in the acting industry?
Tom smiling
Tom, a Christian minister who left working in the church to run City in Focus, derives joy from comforting the afflicted and afflicting the comfortable. Since 1988, City in Focus has been taking care of and connecting the people of Vancouver. Tom takes us on a journey of a typical philanthropic day running City in Focus. How does he perform his ministry work in an office environment and help the soul of the city? How does connection play into his happiness?