Episode 5: “Forgiveness”

“Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one getting burned. ” – Buddha
In this episode, we discover how forgiveness plays into the happiness of Tina Swan and Gail Sparrow. While Tina comes from a life filled with abuse, neglect and depression, Gail – a former First Nation chief – deals with native rights and the injustices that go on. Both women have learned to forgive instead of being bitter or victims of society. Both have a strong spiritual faith that allows them to not judge others but to help heal.

Tina, a Reiki master, had no self-esteem until she allowed forgiveness into her life. How did she manage to move past the pain? Tina works at the bank and also teaches yoga at the Last Door Recovery Society in New Westminster. Her students are going through the 12-step program and are learning to forgive themselves for the pain they have caused in their addiction.
We follow Gail as she goes to help at her reservation. She operates her stance for First Nations reform out of a place of love and compassion, not of vengefulness or bitterness for the damage caused to her people and their land.

She shares the story of her near death experience at seventeen. How has she forgiven herself for being the sole survivor of a fatal car crash, let alone forgiven the drunk driver?